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9 Curb Appeal MUSTS!

You don’t want a potential buyer drive by your home for sale and decide it looks messy outside so the inside will probably be, too! Here are some tips to help you get it in tip-top shape!

Via Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl (Hallmark Realtors):

Potential buyers drive past your home all the time. The more often the take notice and call an agent to show the home, the more likely you are to get an offer. Convince them to take notice by using these 10 tips for great curb appeal.
  1. Your front yard must be immaculately landscaped. The lawn must be cut and trimmed neatly, preferably on the diagonal. The border between your plantings and lawn must be neat.
  2. Sweep the sidewalks, pathways and front porch daily. Put out a new colorful welcome mat. In autumn, leaves must be removed daily. In winter, snow and ice must be removed daily.
  3. Your front yard plantings should be neat and attractive. No weeds. No dead branches. New mulch. Plant bright yellow flowers because the color yellow sells.
  4. Paint your front door so it looks clean and bright. Buy new hardware for the front door, including a new mailbox.
  5. Wash the windows in the front of the house. Be sure that there are neat and clean window treatments in the windows.
  6. The light fixtures in the front of your house must be in working condition and should provide soft lighting to all walkways and stairs without causing a glare. Take down the fixture and clean it, or replace it.
  7. Be sure your house number is easily visible.
  8. Power wash the front of the house to remove dirt.
  9. Maintain a neat and clean place for your garbage cans, preferably out of view on the side of the house.
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