About me

I was born a city girl then turned country – including with horses and dogs! Actually, I enjoy both but it’s kinda hard to have horses in the city (ha ha). I started my career in “The Bell System”, which is no more, but while there I learned a lot – about business, satisfying customers, being detail oriented, strategic planning, managing a project and product line, marketing, programming computers and managing people. In fact, everything I’ve learned has been put to use to make me a caring, results oriented Realtor. I love being a Realtor, but I really believe I wouldn’t be as good at it without what I learned in corporate America!

Customer focused, I listen to people – what they say and don’t say so that I can help them to meet their goals when it comes to real estate. The marketing, planing, programming, etc. provided me with the tools to both sell real estate and find what my customers are looking for. There is so much satisfaction when you sit at the settlement table and know that you helped your customers get to this point!

If you really want someone that will listen to YOU, contact me to help with your real estate needs!


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