Designer decorating on a shoe string budget!

20 May

Do you admire the homes and apartments you find in decorator magazines and  wish yours looked as good?  You can decorate cheaply without it looking cheap! Find 10 creative ideas for inexpensive home decorating.

  1. Yard sales and flea markets: This is the season for yard sales so be creative! Used furniture can look perfect in YOUR home. Re-purposed pieces are in right now, and it’s easy to find the end table you’re missing if you’re willing to do some varnishing or refurbishing yourself.
  2. Get thrifty: Don’t spend money on items like candle holders or woven baskets at retail stores. Local markets and thrift stores will have more genuine items at much lower prices.
  3. Go online: Pretty construction paper, tape, and scissors can go a long way with a little creativity. Click around the internet for some inspiration. Go nuts.
  4. Artificial flowers: They have a stigma for being tacky, but the right bunch in the right vase can brighten up a room. With some light dusting and maintenance, they’ll last for a looong time.
  5. Practical pieces: Hang a bunch of little hooks from the wall. You can get the kind that don’t leave marks when you take them down. You can use them to hang up necklaces, bracelets, and rings instead of spending money on tabletop jewelry storage. Hooks look pretty and make quick accessorizing choices easy.
  6. Jars: An old trick that we still love: use old mason jars or empty glass food jars to declutter and decorate your desktop surfaces. Jars make spare change, knick-knacks, and pens look neat. Plastic containers can work, too!
  7. Throw rugs: Change the look of bare floors or carpeting with carpet remnants. Put them beside the bed, under tables, by the sofa or anywhere you want some color. Why you’re at it, staple some pretty pieces of fabric to a wooden frame (can be unfinished from a craft store) and hang it instead of pictures!
  8. Paint it yourself: Invite a few friends over, put on your oldest T-shirt, and get to work. Split cans of paint with others; a wall or two rarely uses up a whole can.
  9. Chalkboard on the wall: For last-minute to-dos in your office or recipes in the kitchen, get a little chalkboard and aerosol spray paint. Save yourself the clutter of Post-It Notes everywhere and get the thrill of sidewalk chalk from childhood all over again.
  10. Get sew-happy: Make throw pillows or blankets out of old concert shirts for a cool vibe. You can even frame the shirt and hang it on the wall! Sew anything, for that matter; get in touch with your inner seamstress and decorate away.
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