10 Common Sense Tips for Selling A Home

10 Aug

Selling a homeinvolves a lot of time and effort from both the seller and their agent. When sellers keep in mind a few simple rules, the process will go much more smoothly with a higher chance of success.

10)  Keep the house clear for showings – Kids, pets, in-laws, tenants, and anyone else should be out of the house for all showings, broker tours, and open houses.  Buyers don’t like an audience while they tour your home.

9)  Make it basically clean – It doesn’t need to pass a “White Glove” test but nobody wants to see bread crumbs in the kitchen or shavings in the sink.  A quick pass helps keep it “show worthy”.

8)  Don’t let your personal taste hinder the sale – Selling a home requires making it appeal to as many people as possible.  This often means stripping it down to the basics, staging, and putting your collection of Hummels away (you don’t want them to break, anyway).

7)  Give buyers access – If your showing hours are 10AM to 2PM Monday through Friday with 24 hour advance notice and the buyer can’t look in half the house because kids are sleeping and the dog is locked up, it will not sell.  Make sure it’s available to show during normal business hours, 7 days a week.

6)  If it’s ugly, be honest – Some homes are just plain…not right.  A weird floor plan, odd colors, really worn out, etc will push away most buyers.  A lower price is the only way to overcome this (besides fixing those issues).  Don’t expect maximum price for minimum quality.

5)  Pricing drives showings and offers – No amount of marketing can overcome an overpriced home.  If you haven’t had showings or offers, especially for more than a week or two, then your price is too high.  Reduce the price and you’ll get some action.

4)  You need more than just a couple of photos – An exterior photo of the front lawn and a couple of pictures of the kitchen and a bedroom will not get the job done.  Buyers respond to pictures – lots of ’em.  A virtual tour is even better.  A video tour is a huge plus.

3)  Your location matters (more than you think) – Your beautiful home located on the corner where all the traffic goes by is not worth the same as the house three doors down where almost no traffic goes by.  Buyers will discount that when making offers.  Don’t take it personally, buyers do that with every house in a “less than ideal” location.

2)  Disclose…everything – from the crazy neighbor who has loud parties every night to the “do it yourself” remodeling job you did 5 years ago, disclose anything and everything that could impact a buyer’s decision.  If you don’t, and the buyer finds out, it most likely will hurt the price or kill the sale.

1)  Be reasonable and realistic – I’ve seen deals fall apart for all kinds of silly reasons because the seller digs their heals in during negotiations.  Don’t let a little “nit” get in the way of moving ahead with your plans.  Remember the phrase… “Don’t sweat the small stuff and everything is small stuff.”

Pay attention to the feedback you get from any showings – remember, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but if it’s good feedback and something you can change – DO IT!


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