Some tips if you are selling your house and you have a pet or pets?

24 Jun

Many of us have pets that are considered family, but potential buyers may not feel the same way. They may not be animal lovers or may have allergies but with a bit of work, you won’t be turning them away from possible interest in your home.
If you cannot find a way to temporarily relocate your pet, place him/her in a pet carrier or cage in an out-of-the-way room (non-used bedroom, basement, etc.) when buyers are scheduled to view your home.  Make sure there is heat or air conditioning wherever they are and that they have fresh water for however long you plan to be away.

If you there are carpet stains from a recent or older “oops” or there are pet odors (ask a trusted friend or neighbor – you may be used to the odor and not notice it but others will), look into hiring  a professional cleaning company.  If this fails, replace the carpet or consider installing hardwood floors (better than offering an allowance).  Buyers will see stains or smell the presence of an animal and may form an early opinion, which isn’t likely to be favorable, before even giving your house a chance.  Once your pets are out of the house, remove their litter box or training pad(s) and clean the area thoroughly.

Remove any pet toys and/or furniture, when a showing is scheduled.

When you sell a home, your Agent will take photos for the listing.  Avoid any photos that show your pet, his/her toys or bed.  Buyers are not looking for a pet, but rather a house that they can call home.

Many states Seller Disclosures (including PA), require you to state how many animals have lived in the home, what kind and for how long so a buyer will know. Just don’t make it so obvious that they have the run of the house!


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