10 Tips for Sellers having a home inspection

19 Jun

I “borrowed” this from Amanda Kozlowskibut thought it was worthwhile for more people to see. Great ideas.

Selling your home? Nervous about the home inspection?

Perfect strangers wandering through your beloved home, judging every minute detail…it can be stressful!  Bottom line, you don’t want the inspector’s report to be marked up with a laundry list of small defects that will begin to add up in the buyer‘s mind.  You want the inspection to show all the hard work and money you have invested in maintenance and updates. With a little bit of effort, your inspection can be a positive experience that will instill confidence in your prospective buyer, making the closing process that much easier.

1.   Check your smoke alarms:  they should be installed within 12 inches of the ceiling in each bedroom, and in common areas on each floor.  Test them to be sure they are functional, and replace or install as needed.

2.   Carbon Monoxide Detectors:  as with smoke detectors, they should be in each bedroom and in common areas on each floor.  However, carbon monoxide is heavier than air, so the detectors should be placed within 12 inches of the floor.  Test them to be sure they are functional, and replace or install as needed.

3.   Have a leaky faucet?  This should be an easy and fairly inexpensive repair.  Check for other plumbing leaks as well, and get some quotes from a licensed plumber.

4.   If you have pets, make sure they are not there during the inspection.  Have them stay with a friend or relative for a few hours if possible.

5.   Clear any clutter.  The home inspector will need to see: your foundation walls from inside, your roof structure from the attic, the plumbing, heating, cooling and hot water tank, the electrical panel, and the pipes and traps under your sinks.  If the inspector cannot see an area, she cannot report on it, and the buyer will not be happy.

6.   If your town has any special requirements for selling your home (sump pump inspection, radio-link or hardwired smoke alarms, etc.) get those completed first, so any updates will be present at the inspection.

7.   Check your gutters:  do they empty into an underground sewer pipe of onto the ground?  If they empty onto the ground, be sure that they are diverted as far as possible from the foundation. Add splash blocks to the end of the downspout if needed.

8.   If you have tree limbs hanging over your roof, trim them away to prevent damage to the shingles.

9.   Check your painted exterior trim areas: windows, doors, etc.  If the paint looks worn, scrape, prime and repaint.  Your home will look shiny and new!  Also check these areas for worn caulk or weather-stripping and replace where needed.

10.  Replace your furnace filter if it is more than 90 days old, or if it looks dirty, since the inspector *will* pull it out and check!

Check back monthly for more home inspection tips and news here:

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