When You Go From Eggs To Bacon

07 Feb

Have you heard the old joke…

A pig and a chicken were walking by a church where a gala charity event was taking place. Getting caught up in the spirit, the pig suggested to the chicken that they each make a contribution.

“Great idea!” the chicken cried.

“Let’s offer them bacon and eggs?”

“Not so fast,” said the pig testily. “For you, that’s a contribution. For me, it’s a total commitment.”

As a seller, you are either eggs or bacon.

One is total commitment. Do or die. Not just trying it out. Total commitment.

If you are eggs, you are not committed to selling…but if you do sell, that is great.

Maybe you don’t “have to sell”.

Maybe you just want to see if you can get your price.

Maybe you just want to know what your house is really worth on the open market.

But you are eggs at this point. If it doesn’t work out, the sun will rise tomorrow and nothing will really change much.

You show the house if you feel like it, you don’t care about the broken countertop, and if your lawn is mowed, great, but it isn’t first priority – the house looks good to you.

But if you are bacon…you must sell.

You are relocating.

You don’t fit at your home anymore and there is no way you are building an addition.

You aren’t staying anymore! This is it.

You are totally committed to selling. You will price it right, be available for showings, work on your curb appeal, tell others about your house, fix items you can fix, etc.

Whenever a seller becomes “bacon” – it is the real deal! Their house will sell because they will make the necessary choices, regardless of pain, to get the desired results.

So ask yourself, if your house hasn’t sold…are you eggs…or bacon?

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Posted by on February 7, 2012 in Real Estate News, Sellers


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